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We have the Chain-link Fence Materials You Need

We are your best source for all chain-link fence materials. We can supply you with chain-link fabrics in all gauges, finishes and heights. Get the wire, pipe, fittings, gates and other materials you need from your favorite single supplier… MN Fence Supply.

Installing chain-link fence is a bread-and-butter mainstay for most fence contractors. Residential and commercial chain-link fences retain their popularity for economic and security reasons. Keeping materials costs down for these projects is crucial for profitability. At MN Fence Supply, we offer contractors a complete selection of chain-link products for Will-Call pickup or shipped directly to you.

Stocking up on these supplies can help you keep costs under control. Our price schedule gives you the edge over using other sources. Count on us, for all of your fencing needs.

Our lines of Chain-link Fences

If you are interested in any of these products, please contact us for more detailed information.